With over 20 years experience in the bulk email marketing industry. I have refined my services over the years, and we have partnered with an email hygiene company to clean our database.

The company that clean the database we use for our emailing does hygiene for Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, aWeber and Mailchimp amongst others, so they know their stuff. When you upload a list you want to mail into Mailchimp, it will reject a portion of the list. Mailchimp runs it through this company’s systems and uses it to scrub it similarly to this but also pulls a category called “departmental” – sales@, info@, admin@ etc. I leave these in, as up to 20% of my B2B leads come from these addresses.

Let’s take a look at what were removed from our database and what it means.

ADVISORYLIST – Not a ‘trap’ but the address ‘reports’ to one of major RBL like Spamhaus, Barracuda, Spamcop etc

BLACKLISTED – Matched and removed against domains that are spam traps, complainers, litigators and other proprietary threats.

BOTCLICKER – Malicious computers that programmatically open emails and create false clicks.


COMPLAINER – Consumers or businesses that have complained directly to the ISP (not related to any report spam buttons).

LASHBACK – Matched and removed against Lashback traps.

LEGACY1999 – Matched and removed against unsubscribes, bounces, traps and complainers since 1997.

LEGACY2006 – Matched and removed against unsubscribes, bounces, traps and complainers since 2006.

LITIGATOR – Matched and removed against known litigators.

NOMX – Mail exchange is not setup correctly

SEED – Matched and removed against seeds planted in email lists.

SPAMCOP – Matched and removed spamcop emails.

SYNTAXERROR – There is a syntax error in the email address

THREATENING – Government and University mail exchanges

THREATSTRING – Matched and removed against known strings inside emails that are related to malicious entities.



We have series of database in different niche which are clean ok to mail. We also have suppression list too.

If you are interested in any of our service, please contact me via the contact details listed at https://www.omniknoweth.com

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