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All Staff Employment Documents (Essential Documents for all Employees)

Getting your Employees to sign these Documents will;

Protect your Business
If you want to protect your trade secrets, so your employees don't go about sharing it with your competitors, getting your employees to sign these documents can help you achieve that.

Make you look Organized and Structured
If your employees don't respect your company, it could be because you don't have any structure in place. These documents can help your business look and become structured.

Protect your Staff
Your employees will have more confidence in your company and be more productive when there is an agreement on how much they will be paid. They know what the company expects from the.


These documents are in a template format, very easy to edit & customize. Make sure you get them for your staff members, both old and new.

  •  LETTER OF APPOINTMENT: It is a formal document indicating an agreement between an employer and employee. It usually includes details regarding salary, benefits, employment starting date, the title and task description of the offered position and any necessary details concerning employment conditions or stipulations.

  • OFFER LETTER: It is a formal document stating that an employee has been offered a position in a company.

  • NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT TEMPLATE: This is a document the staff has to sign from day 1, (IF YOU HAVE OLD STAFF THEY SHOULD ALSO SIGN IT). It ensures that employees protect the company’s information from the public and other companies, and the consequences if they divulge company secrets. It's a very important document.

  • BIO-DATA FORM TEMPLATE: It is an abbreviation for the term biographical data. It is a document that demands relevant factual information about an individual or employee. i.e. personal information, educational background, occupational history, etc..

  • GUARANTOR'S FORM: The employee is required to give this document to a guarantor who, by signing this document has agreed to be responsible for the employee’s shortcomings and any inappropriate behavior. In cases of theft, the guarantor must replace the stolen item(s) if it cannot be retrieved from the employee directly.

  • NON-COMPETE FORM TEMPLATE: This is a signed document that ensures employees don't venture into your type of business or work for another company in the same industry as you within a particular geographical location and time. This document protects the business and lets the employee know the consequences if he or she defaults.

  • STAFF INDUCTION CHECKLIST: This document is used to identify tasks and actions that need to be addressed at each phase of new employee induction. It is usually tailored to suit the company’s timescales. This is for the HR department or the person handling the recruitment.

  • PAYROLL ENROLLMENT: This is a document that allows a new employee to provide bank and other financial details for salary payments. The information on this payroll form will enable management to calculate the total amount an employee will receive at the end of the month. This document is for the finance or accounts department.

  • EMPLOYEE WELCOME PACK CHECKLIST: This document is used to identify items that are needed for the onboarding of a new employee. This is also for the HR Department.

  • JOB DESCRIPTION: It is a written chronicle that narrates the overall tasks, other related responsibilities, and function of a position or role. Every staff is supposed to get one. This is a sample that can help you create a job description for every role in your company.



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