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Spotzee Bulk SMTP Delivery Server Extension for MailWizz


Spotzee Bulk SMTP Delivery Server Extension for MailWizz

We recently created a new delivery server type for the Spotzee Bulk SMTP server service. The extension is currently compatible with MailWizz v1 and v2 and costs $37. The extension allows you to add a new Spotzee MTA delivery server type within the MailWizz interface. Upload the plugin, enable it from the MailWizz backend, and you should be ready.


One-click installation and configuration
Generates webhook address for incoming payloads from Spotzee
Complaints and bounce recognition
Automatically takes MailWizz default action on the subscriber
Recognises and displays reasons in bounce report, including soft and hard failures with more than 25 bounce types, and matches it against MailWizz's existing categories
Fully compatible with MailWizz existing features like the warm-up plan so you can warm up your IPs with ease for cold outreaches

How does it work?​
Spotzee Marketing (our sister company) has a service labelled as Mailpoppa/Spotzee Bulk SMTP server, which essentially allows unlimited email sending making it ideal for cold emailing and sending to purchased lists. However, some of our customers requested this integration, so we did that. Now you can add it as a delivery server type like any other MTA. After entering your username, password, and host details, the little information icon will show you the webhook address. Pass this information to Spotzee, and you will start receiving bounces and complaints.

The plugin automatically takes action on subscribers who have soft bounced or hard bounced and follows the same settings that you have on the backend. It uses two headers that it sends with each email - campaign-unique-ID and subscriber-unique-ID, making assigning bounces and complaints a breeze. Once you activate the plugin, you will see a new delivery server type labelled "Spotzee MTA". We didn't add any features to do with IP rotation yet, but if there is enough demand, we might choose to do that and relay the reputation monitoring and live event logging.


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